KJ Cargo Saves Up to 15% With BitPesa Payment Solutions

KJ Cargo is a UK based logistics/shipping company that uses BitPesa to make payments from UK to Nigeria. We spoke with the company’s founder and director, Mr. Kanayo Iyama, who was happy to share his company’s experience.

Previous Encounters

The team at KJ Cargo had many negative experiences with payment companies in the past.

  • Payments from the UK to Nigeria would take from two to as long as seven business days to be delivered depending on the service used.
  • Charges would range from 200 to 300 pounds per transaction.

Coming from this background, Kanayo was more than happy to discover BitPesa. He expected delays as he was new to the process and is always wary of anything new. He discovered that his fear was just that, fear.

The BitPesa Experience

With BitPesa, transactions take a few hours. KJ Cargo is assured of security and a timeline for completion. In addition to saving time, the company is also saving money, thus improving business significantly. Kanayo saves up to 10-15% with BitPesa.

“We don’t need to chase third parties, or make transfers to different sources. All we do is enter the NGN payout amount needed online, get the amount of GBP to pay, and then make a transfer. BitPesa has made these processes much faster compared to the previous method we used.”

Using BitPesa’s system, KJ Cargo can see its transaction status and history which is simple and clear. Kanayo is confident in BitPesa since he gets personalized service and every part of the BitPesa team plays its role perfectly. Communication is clear and expectations are set and met.

“I prefer this kind of service to a one-man businesses which is a norm in the FX industry,” he says. “I love that BitPesa listens to its customers. The rates have greatly improved as we have continued to work together.”

The Future

KJ Cargo is happy with BitPesa’s services and would recommend the service to people looking for similar solutions. Kanayo suggests tutorial videos for new users who do not know how to use BitPesa. As always, we at BitPesa take customer suggestions very seriously and are currently working on this.

“I’m confident of the speed and ease of using BTC and I’m not worried because BitPesa has got me covered. Not sure how you guys do it, but I know you do it well,” Kanayo says with a laugh.

At BitPesa, we help businesses make cross-border payments across different countries. The payment process is transparent and you receive customized solutions for your treasury and FX needs. BitPesa works with international partners to deliver same-day payments to different bank and mobile accounts of choice. Talk to us today at [email protected] and learn how you can make business payments with BitPesa.