Introducing BFX: A New Way to Make Cross-border Payments

At BitPesa, we have journeyed through five years of improving our service, listening carefully to what our customers need. Today, we unveil BFX, a new platform for our customers who are constantly seeking ease and speed in conducting their FX transactions. This iteration is a step in our commitment to serving every customer, from large multinationals and remittance companies to traders. BFX presents a simpler, more intuitive flow based on customer feedback.

New Features

Over the years, we’ve had a couple iterations of the BitPesa website. The vision and purpose has always been the same — to create innovative, financial solutions for frontier markets. This time is no different, and we hope this new upgrade of the BitPesa website will not only improve user experience, but pave way to an array of improved products this year. When you visit, you will notice some new features:

  • Sign up/login interface is completely revamped to present a smoother, more intuitive flow from the dashboard to transaction creation. The account verification is process is also faster and more straightforward. For existing customers, please use the same email and password from BitPesa to log into BFX.
  • Make EUR and GBP payments: In addition to the already available currency pairs, it is now possible to make payments between Africa and Europe within one business day with our new integration! Read more here.
  • Save recipients: You can now add and save frequently used contacts to use every time you transact.

Currently, you can also buy and sell Bitcoins on BFX in Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda. A new product dedicated to cryptocurrency will be available soon.

New Pages

  • New blog: Our spruced up blog will feature more guides, updates and inside stories!
  • Press Kit: All our info, CEO and COO bios and high-def logos are available on our press centre.
  • Careers: Keep up with all BitPesa openings as soon as they are available on our careers page.

Improving our API

Since making our API available in 2016, we have shipped many improvements that have seen our clients build apps upon a sturdy infrastructure that allows them to focus on building their reach in Africa. With our API, businesses have completed millions of dollars in transactions to thousands of people in Nigeria, Uganda and Ghana. Through working with different customers who have different needs, we have made the following available:

  • Create user and sender profiles to collect KYC documentation for them.
  • Send and receive currencies, including NGN, GHS, UGX, GBP and EUR.
  • Store, repeat and automate past transactions.
  • Gather data for internal reconciliation with easy reporting and tool.
  • Webhook notifications when transaction states change.

To learn more about how our API works and how you can start integrating today, visit

These new changes and more on the way have been made possible by years of hard work by the passionate BitPesa team members who have ensured we ship this new interface in good time. We are truly grateful to everyone involved in this effort and to our awesome customers who are the reason we do this everyday.

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Check out our updated Help Centre for more. As always, if you have any questions or comments, give us a shout through the chat at the bottom right corner or on any of our social channels.

About The Author

  • Zahra Waliji is the Content Manager at AZA, a provider of foreign exchange and international money transfer solutions. She specializes in marketing strategy, content creation and branding.

About The Author

Zahra Waliji

Zahra Waliji

Zahra Waliji is the Content Manager at AZA, a provider of foreign exchange and international money transfer solutions. She specializes in marketing strategy, content creation and branding.